To know if you are legit as a queer person, you need to answer that simple question : "I am queer, am I legit ?". With this test, validated by the highest experts on the queer subject, you will definitely know.
Thanks Furet Furax for reminding me we have to pet the dog.
Thanks the "Créé le jeu"'s team for the awesome event, you are shiny and fabulous <3

Game made with the Bitsy application by Adam Ledoux.
Hack used : Bitsymuse by Sean LeBlanc


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I love the music at the end!

person above is triple queer


I'm not sure if it's because I'm playing this on a phone but I adore that you /can't/ go towards no, that's such a wonderful touch. Great job Monplaisir uwu

Apparently im queer xD, and yeah don't forget to pet the dog !


big luv for this bitsy


Adorable, and accurate.